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High quality  Rebuilt  VW  Transaxles.

AA Transaxle was founded in 1982 to fill the need for high quality rebuilt VW  transaxles.  Many local shops had no expertise in the rebuilding of German transaxles, and we have successfully been the rebuilder for these shops ever since. So nowadays we are mostly doing the Vanagons and some Jetta's and not building the earlier transaxles for the most part

We ship anywhere in North America on a regular basis.

  We use many new parts in our high quality rebuilt units.  We use German bearings, seals and VW factory syncros in most every unit. The Watercooled Vanagon's all get a new & updated 3rd/4th clutch gear hub to address their most common failure.  Housings are re-bushed and sliders are either re-machined or replaced. Many custom upgrades are available, such as Vanagon Limited slips, locker conversions, De-couplers, mainshaft retainers, oiling plates and taller gearing for those with engine conversions.

Yes, you can buy a less expensive rebuilt transaxle, but why take the gamble???
Our main focus is the VW line because they are much more common in this area of the country.  

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Monday-Thursday 830AM-430PM Pacific Time

PO Box 1251 - mailing
29924 NE 173rd St. - shipping
Duvall, WA  98019

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