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Core Deposit

These prices below are for the basic rebuilds only. Case issues, main shafts, gearsets, corroded housings, input shafts, etc are all additional over and above the base price    
Vanagon Air Cooled    (DK or early diesel) ..includes custom 3/4 slider hub & new  3/4 slider $1495 must rebuild your trans
Vanagon Water Cooled 4 Speed  2WD $1495 must rebuild your trans
Vanagon Syncro - - call for rebuild info.  Cases, R&P, M/S, Rev/G hsg, etc must be reusable $2195* must rebuild your trans
Torque biasing Limited Slip Diff for 091 ,Vanagon and Syncro non locker 's  (built by Peloquins)   No additional labor during rebuild. Approx $250 labor if just installing LSD $1295  
Van front diff rebuild...(assuming R&P is good)                               Rebuilt V/C is $795 extra  ... Rebuilt V/C 's  can be ordered as a Sport VC (or aggressive) for $100 more $795* $300
Front Diff Locker retrofit... includes rebuild and operating goodies. $2195  
 Locker Limited Slip Diffs   Always a torque biasing LSD with a selectable factory style locker on demand for Syncro or 2wd...(A 2wd can be retrofitted to become a locker)...  fnt or rear install kit- $500 for all the needed goodies from dash switch back to fork inside trans. Labor varies according to rebuild criteria...Call for detail$ $1395

 LLSD unit only


call w/questions
 Oiling Plates  for gear carrier & main case to improve m/s & pinion bearing oiling ... Custom made from Aluminum . Choice for US  or  Alum. Euro gear housing                $150  
Stainless locker rod and anodized bushing  for Syncro locker  actuator $125  
Syncro Decoupler's -  Made entirely in the USA.  Designed with bearing for pinion shaft to  SDP factory spec.  Kit comes with all the goodies to add to a locker equipped van..$200 core dep. $895  $500     
 Taller 3rd and 4th gear sets --1.18. 1.14 & 1.09 3rd's- and .77 and .70 - 4ths  $350/set   
Syncro mainshaft retainer plate. New product to keep M/S bearing from beating up the Granny/Rev housings and to keep mainshaft from moving. New design of proven fix for early Bus trannies.          Requires milling of G/R housing to maintain clearances.  $150


*These models are priced as a typical rebuild of your transmission and may be more due to core cost & availability if yours is not rebuild able. We DO need the code from your old transmission.   Vanagon syncro parts are getting very difficult to find and the costs for repl parts are at current market value (read big$$) call for info or a shoulder to cry on...

Prices subject to change 

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Monday thru Thursday 830AM to 430PM Pacific time

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