My Syncro Westy Project and Zetec conversion (kind of a blog I guess)

I got kind of wild and crazy one day, and decided I needed to turbo charge my Vanagon WBX!    Look out Arlo Guthrie!  The engine has Boston Eng stage III big valve heads and cam with higher Exh lift and 1.25 ratio rockers. Sent the rods and cyls to Boston Bob to hone cyls and fine tune the rods with his secret tricks...Other than that, its just a basic wasserleaker. I tapped into the oil press switch by the crank pulley for oil feed and into the filler tube for the oil drain. Running it at only 5psi boost.

Since all this was done, the old Subaru turbo unit took to blowing smoke like a James Bond mobile and as of Aug 06, I am installing an Audi S4 left side turbo on her...Got given the turbo by Chris Blakely, of rally racing fame, and it is all in the works...Similar setup to the old one which works slicker that snake snot...Seems to add about 30 to 40 HP at 5 lbs boost without any fuel management issues (so far) we will see how the S4 unit works down the road...

wellll...Going back to the old Subie style turbo...The Audi setup didn't work well as its too large for the poor breathing WBXer...and on we go as time permits...

Nov 07..Got a rebuilt mid 80's Subaru turbo installed and she works reasonably well...Not much ooomph under 2500 rpm and with the taller gears in the tranny, I tend to want to lug it...Driven a bit harder, it is fine. O2 indicator says the fuel system is all over the place. Dont want to destroy the new engine, .Got tired of the turbo/wbx engine...Not happy with the fuel management or my ability to make it work right pulled it and sold the eng and turbo separately. The eng went to Sun Valley and has been a good runner for the guy.

  ***Sept 08..I  have decided to install a Zetec conversion (Ford Focus motor) from  Thought about the Subie 2.5 and decided to try the Zetec as it should do well when their turbo is ready. Kind of like the modern engine advantages and ease of parts availability on the road. 

A NA 2.0L 130 HP I4 motor. Modern OBDII eng management.. Sweet little motor designed by Cosworth as a 2.0 T and readily available used with low miles.. Mine has 30 K on it and cost $600 dressed.

Will put a turbo on it when Bostig gets them dialed in and are happy with the system...

Its a good fit in the van. Has about the stock 8" ground clearance on my Syncro Westy. Fits under the deck lid...about as few cooling hoses as a 57 Chev and a real head gasket...Simple exhaust system. The kit comes with everything but the engine itself and the air box...It comes with hoses, clamps, fasteners, computer, wiring harness, adaptor plate, mounts, wire ties.. you name it.. I mean complete. I am in it under $5K for the whole setup...sweet little runner and gets up to 20MPG to boot.  Jim & Brady of Bostig got their "stuff together" on these kits with their development group method of R&D.

Nov 2010..Put a 0 mile crate motor in it and upgraded the eng cradle, oil pan and skid plate on before I went to Mogfest in Aug. Should have my beta turbo by mid Dec.

Jan 2011. Installed the Bostig Turbo unit. Man O' man what a difference...A whole new pile of power and worth every $$$. Pulls hills in 4th and makes it so sweet to drive. 165 hp at 5000 rpm with about 200 ft lbs of torque at 4400. Starts pulling at 2000rpm, so very drivable. Easy kit to install, as the boys got it right. Put several thousand on it so far with zero issues. Perfect for my 5400 lb rig. Intercooled with fans to keep the intake air cool and force air over the eng to keep under hood temps down. No lag. About 16 mpg for now as its all set on the rich side. Send Jim data logs weekly and he occasionally makes a change to the tune to fine tune it all. Did just have to put a Kennedy Stage 1 pressure plate in it as the stock one was barely adequate. Put Swepco gear oil in her to handle the power increase on the tranny.

Oct 2011..Still lovin the turbo. Not a single issue with it and have put almost 8K on it so far.

See pics of the Zetec engine install here ...Turbo pics soon.

E mail at with any questions.

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