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AA TRANSAXLE WARRANTY (read the small print so neither of us is surprised...)

AA Transaxle warrants most standard rebuilt transaxles for the period of 2 years from date of installation with unlimited mileage. Custom built transaxles DO have a lesser warranty. Warranty is not transferable and is valid only for the original purchaser.

We take pride in our top quality rebuilt transaxles. These units are rebuilt with many new parts and should provide years of service under normal driving conditions.  This warranty includes a $200 reimbursement for labor should a problem occur during the FIRST year, including shipping costs. After the first year, we will repair or replace the transaxle at our discretion. We do not pay the full retail labor or cover any incidental costs for any warranty problem.  Return shipping will be provided at no cost.

Please call AA Transaxle to confirm that a problem exists before removing the transaxle from the vehicle. Most shifting problems for 1st and 2nd end up to be linkage adjustments.

We strongly suggest running the vehicle for 500 to 1000 miles, then changing the gear oil. This assures any contaminants are flushed out and won�t cause further damage. Change gear oil at least every 20,000 miles or 2 yrs.  We suggest the use of  name brand 75/90 synthetic oils for most units with stock engines esp in colder climates.. 

Engine conversions will limit the warranty due to the �enhanced� power the trans has to endure. Usually, the driver tends to use all that mega power wearing things out prematurely. Most VW transmissions were designed for around 100 HP and will wear faster with more HP. Abuse, (intentional or not�) is not covered and voids the warranty. Broken or stripped gears, driving with low (or without) oil voids the warranty. Typically we warranty for 1 year with any engine over 150HP or a TDI due to the increased torque and recommend oiling plates to help with internal oiling.

We will not warranty any unit run low on oil, even if there is a seal failure. It is your responsibility to check fluid levels, as it is beyond our control. Stop driving the moment any problem appears. Excessive power or shifting force that causes a part to break, or any use for which the transmission was not originally designed will also void the warranty (and we can certainly tell what you were doing!!!)  Golf/Jetta style units, for example, which break the rivets holding the ring gear to the carrier is an obvious abuse problem caused by continued shock loading, sudden acceleration or power shifting.

We don't typically recommend Swepco for most of you...It is only for higher powered off road rigs and many times cause 2nd gear issues when used. Hence the 75/90 GL5 synthetic these days. The GL4 additives were called for years ago, but the additive packages have changed dramatically since then. VW recently came out with a GL5 oil spec for most trannies.

Please be especially careful of reverse gear in Bugs, Buses and Jetta style trannys. It is inherently weak so care must be used to assure reverse is fully engaged. Unintentional abuse is almost always the cause of reverse failure and absolutely no warranty repairs after the 2 yr warranty period expires... Excessive loading while backing uphill, not being put completely into gear or putting into reverse while moving forward are the usual causes. Please have the installing shop demonstrate the correct method of engaging reverse.

Custom or taller gear sets are a courser cut and can be noisier that the weaker stock gear sets.  We CANNOT warrantee any custom gears for noise unfortunately...1 out of 10 or so has some noise and usually it lessens with wear. They need a gentle break in period to help them seat correctly.

68-71 CA code bus units are usually so worn out that its a remanufacture process, not just a rebuild to get them close to right these days. Few new German parts are available and the are a hassle to get close to right...prices and warranty reflects the extra work involved. We can modify some of the CA parts to accept newer bearings.

Thank You,

Matt Ingrum
Owner, AA Transaxle